We specialize in training barrel horses from start to finish.


Our training focuses on foundation, not on patterning. We love creating horses that are broke, supple and love their jobs. Our horses are responsive in head, neck, shoulders, rib cage and hips before going to the barrel pattern. By teaching them how to move and what our cues mean, before going to the barrel pattern, it makes patterning easier and creates confidence and a willing attitude towards the barrels. We believe a solid training foundation is important for a horse to be successful on a LONG-TERM basis in barrel racing. We believe in lots of slow work. We also use a number of different exercises with maneuvers that are used on the barrel pattern. If a problem arises on the barrel pattern, we believe in slowing the horse up and going back to its foundation to help fix the problem. We feel horses are going to perform best when they enjoy what they are doing. Maximizing communication with the horse is important. The horse will enjoy his job, be more relaxed and willing if he understands what we are asking him to do. When purchasing a barrel horse from WPH, you can be assured that quality time was put into its training!




Find out about our methods, and the results of our years of of dedication to horse training.

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