Our Training Program... 

Our training program is very simple, foundation is everything and it needs to be very solid! If the horse understands the basics, no matter what happens down the road you can always go back to the horse’s foundation to help solve any problems that may arise. We treat each horse as an individual. As you know, horses have unique personalities and attitudes. While some progress quickly and are eager to please you, others require more time and patience. Our main focus is on gaining control of the 5 body parts – head and neck, poll, shoulders, rib cage and hips. We believe if a horse is started correctly with a solid foundation it has the ability to excel in any discipline.

Ground Work - We believe in lots of ground work! Groundwork builds the foundation for under saddle work and it greatly increases your chances of successful first rides. Groundwork centers on the two fundamental forms of horse training: sensitizing and desensitizing. It is where respect and trust are gained. We establish the proper response to pressure on the ground, and then apply those principles in the saddle.

Colt Starting - For horses 4 years of age and younger. We take the time to start colts right and establish a strong foundation to build on, no matter which direction you want to go with your horse. We believe starting colts is a lot like building a house. The better the foundation is the higher you can go! That foundation starts on the ground. We feel it is more beneficial for an owner to leave a colt for a minimum of 2 months, to help the colt obtain a solid foundation. Our colt starting program is a minimum of 2 months.

Suppling and Foundation Training - For started horses that are in need of better body control. To further a horses training, our focus is the same – to patiently work with each horse to be soft, solid, and consistent. Our main focus is gaining control of the horses 5 body parts – head and neck, poll, shoulders, rib cage and hips.

Advanced & Barrel Training - Horses must have a solid foundation with good body control prior to us starting their training on the barrel pattern. We believe a solid training foundation is important for a horse to be successful on a LONG-TERM basis in barrel racing. We believe in lots of slow work. We also use a number of different exercises with maneuvers that are used on the barrel pattern. If a problem arises on the barrel pattern, we believe in slowing the horse up and going back to its foundation to help fix the problem. We believe horses are going to perform best when they enjoy what they are doing. Maximizing communication with the horse is important. The horse will enjoy his job, and be more relaxed and willing if he understands what we are asking him to do.

$750 per month + $5 day for hay
Colt starting minimum of 60 days required